How is it made?


Words: Shelley Craft.
Photos: Brian Usher.


 I love concrete. I love that it’s a great choice environmentally – yep it’s ‘greener’ than most other types of bench tops.

I love the versatility and I love the look. Concrete, believe it or not, gives a real softness to traditionally hard surface finishes; it’s not as shiny or clinical as other options such as stone or stainless, and these guys can mix a colour just for you – just perfect for your project.

Greg comes from a background in construction, fibreglass and boat building; he has an amazing eye for detail and is somewhat of a perfectionist. He eats, sleeps and dreams concrete.

Enough of the hype – what do they do with concrete that is so unique?

Well, it’s actually GFRC or Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete. Which means you get the strength and aesthetic of a concrete finish without the weight. It’s a new product here in Australia and it’s taking home design to new levels. As you can probably tell, I am really excited about this!


“Solid surface materials are made of plastic, engineered quartz materials contain a synthetic resin binder, and granite and marble are non-renewable mined resources. Concrete contains mostly just good old sand, rock and cement,” explains Greg as he mixes the secret recipe in the lab/workshop out the back of the showroom in the Arts and Industrial estate on the way into town.


Don’t just think kitchens and bathrooms. The possibilities really are endless. Bars, wall panels and cladding (internal and external), custom furniture and homewares, street furniture, planter boxes, pool surrounds, custom hanging light surrounds, vessel basins, outdoor kitchens, splash backs, baths, stairs and slides, ping pong tables!

Oh yes!

I love a new find and a new way to reinvent the wheel. Keep your eyes peeled because I guarantee you will start seeing concrete being used in so many new and creative ways. It will be everywhere you look and it is a trend that is here to stay!"