SLABSHAPERS on Grand Designs Australia

The Fishwick's home features on Grand Designs Australia, Season 8, Ep 8.


Our beautiful Byron Bay is a hub for the creative minded and the dreamers. 

Mike (designer for THRILLS) and Megan (founder of Feel Good Revolution) fit the brief. After living in a caravan with their three children for almost a year they have found themselves on our screens with Grand Designs Australia for the build of their new, modernist inspired, home. Mike, a clothing designer for local street/surfwear label THRILLS, has taken his design skills to the architectural realm. Reflecting on his family's time spent living in a caravan he set out to create a family home that includes only what they really need and use. 


Mike and Megan


Maybe it's living here in 'the Bay' that highlights the need for a stripping back of the unnecessary. Byron seems to encompass that laidback and carefree spirit of a good old costal town fused with the perks of the minimal 'luxe' lifestyle it's now known for.

This ethos inevitably led our paths to cross.

At Slabshapers we are inspired by Scandinavian design, a design philosophy that is characterised by functionality, simplicity and clean lines. Naturally, one of our concrete bathroom vanities was a perfect fit for their home.  We crafted a unique and timeless handmade piece to make a simple but bold statement in their home.


"Thanks guys!! What a wonderful feature of our home, it's very beautifully made and very functional"

- Megan Fishwick


Slabshapers custom built vanitySlabshapers custom-built vanity in "Mez White"


Grand Designs has been known for its moments of boiling-over intensity, but there was no marriage-tension or big on-screen disaster here, just a young family's dreams coming true and hard work paying off! 

It sparks so much joy for us to partner with local families in their home builds and we were stoked to be a part of the journey for the Fishwicks! 

You can watch us on Grand Designs Australia exclusively on FOXTEL now!

You dream it, we create it. The art of concrete.