In mid 2016 Slabshapers revolutionised the industry by introducing pink concrete to the Australian market...

We conceptualised, created and installed a pink communal dining table inside Byron Bay's Combi Cafe, creating a bold statement and challenging the traditional notion that concrete must be 'the colour of bad weather'. Our competitors scrambled to replicate our colours and designs, but our constant innovation in pigments and techniques has helped us to maintain our position as industry leaders


We couldn't have anticipated the huge reaction that we'd have when we introduced pink concrete to the Australian market in 2016. We had a flood of interest when The Block featured a pink, rounded basin in one of their room make-overs. For a unique and bold statement, think pink!

Nautical *new*

The newest colour to Slabshapers' range is Nautical. A timeless and classic colour, this deep sea blue represents freedom and wide open spaces. Designed to fit in with countless colour schemes and balance any room.


McTavish Grey

This colour was custom designed by the team at Byron Bay's iconic McTavish Cafe. The colour consists of grey and white cement, with a blend of black oxide giving it a raw, traditional feel. Drop in for a coffee and check out how Slabshapers' concrete bench-tops with cast-in sinks work nicely with their classic range of surfboards. 

Light grey

A more commonly used, classic concrete colour, requiring minimal black oxide. Great for light-filled rooms, Light Grey is easily combined with almost any colour scheme.

Dark grey

Dark grey marries nicely together with darker timbers and black tapware. Popular uses are cafe basins and feature tables. 


Black may just be our pick of the colours for 2018 with a bold yet sophisticated feel about it. 


'Mez' white

White concrete has zero oxide, so we rely on the cement and polymers to give it its white finish. Each piece has its own, unique character due to the different features within the sand. White is not recommended for high traffic areas, as it's more difficult to keep clean.



Take a walk on the wild side. Jungle best resembles a dusty, army green. Create an earthy touch with this colour and combine it with some grainy timber to really do it justice.



The newest colour to Slabshapers' range is Tropicana. This colour brings the calm feeling of the tropical sea into your space. Surround it in white and place some leafy plants around it to really make the colour pop.